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Let's be honest... Squarespace isn't rocket science.

    So why do you need me? First of all, I obsess on the small details. For example, you wouldn't believe the amount of time I spent evaluating each font to use on this section of the site. It's small details like these that create a great looking site. Why else? Because you, as the client, have the final say in everything I have control over. You don't like the font I spent two hours finding? That's fine, it's your site! We'll find something else! If you think SquareSpace is something you can design on your own, by all means give it a shot!

So why use Squarespace?

    First, and most importantly, is that there are no coding required to make a fantastic site. Here is why that matters: you will be able to edit and manipulate your site on your own after I have designed it. Oftentimes when you have someone code you a completely custom site, there is no way for someone who does not understand coding to do any updates! No blog updates, event dates, and photos would be able to be posted to your fresh new site! That is why Squarespace is the most viable option; it looks incredible, gives you a great amount of flexibility, and allows you to update the site yourself later. Unfortunately there are some trade offs to using Squarespace. You can make a site look incredible, but you have to stay within Squarespace's parameters. Balancing what you require of a site and what Squarespace allows is my job in this arrangement, so just leave it to me!  

There are some things you should know.

    You probably already realize this, but it needs to be said. My style of design relies heavily on photographs. The higher quality the photograph, the better it looks (yes, I know that makes since)! But I can also work with photos of a lesser quality or if you have no photos at all. On my personal site, I am fortunate to have many high quality photos but notice that on all the photos (except the main page) there is a heavy blurred effect. Why? Because this allows the titles and text to be the center of attention. This technique would also allow me to work with photos of a lesser quality while maintaining the site's professional integrity. If you have no high quality photos, that's okay, but we will have to get creative to make your site look great (but I would encourage you to get some photos done). I am also not opposed to looking at stock images if you have no photos and want a photos based site but you will have to cover all licensing costs for that. Also realize that designing a website does not have anything to do with the creation of images and/or logos. I can give you nice looking titles that resemble logos (for example, look at Bob Bryant Music in the upper left hand corner and the title of Plato's Dream) so if you don't have a logo, don't let that hold you back from contacting me. If you do have a high quality logo I can integrate it into the site nicely (see Carson Childers Music upper left hand corner).


Please look at the options bellow. Pricing differences are based on the type of work required of me.


all websites with squarespace include a custom domain name


BASIC SITE: One 3-5 page site. This would easily cover all the basic needs of a website. Each page can serve a specific role that we talk over to fulfill your version (for reference my site is 8 pages and has additional hidden pages like this one). I would recommend something like 1 Home Page, 1 About Me Page, 1 Media Page, 1 Product Showcase Page, and 1 Contact Page but it is completely up to you. In the future, you can add pages yourself that use the designs I have already created in the main site. This site can also sell 1 product directly on your site and accept donations.

FULL SITE: One 5-10 page site. This would cover all the needs of just about any personal/small business site. This option would give a full site similar to my personal site. This would include all the pages from the basic site and more as well as optional hidden pages (if you want to display pricing or information that people cannot see unless you give them the URL). This site can also sell 1 product directly on your site and accept donations.

FULL SITE with WEB STORE: This includes everything from he full site as well as allows you to sell up to 20 products from your website.


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