“Carson is a brilliant musician. He comes to each session right on time and he’s always looking for creative ways to add to the compositions I’m writing. His ideas and creative additions breathe life into my work - truly a wonderful friend and musician!”




"Carson is a rare combination of a skilled bassist with a producers mindset. Always looking for the right line, the best tone & the most musical expression to compliment the other players around him. There is a reason he's a first call for many of the band leaders and producers in the area - he delivers!" 


Southland Christian Church Programming Director,

Lexington Lab Band Leader


“Carson Childers is one of the most dedicated and passionate musicians & people I know and have had the pleasure to work with. Carson is very committed to his craft and is always striving to grow as a musician and player. Carson's pursuit of excellence shows in all areas of his playing and I look forward to watching the great things that are ahead for him!”


Popular YouTube Video Creator "ToneDr,"

Lexington Lab Band Guitarist


“Carson never fails to bring anything less than his "A" game to a performance. Constantly going above and beyond to learn set lists in less than 24hrs and nails every tune. On stage, his excitement and love for his instrument & music is showcased by not only slaying each hit on his bass, but by exuberayting energy and passion to his craft. I feel lucky and honored to share the stage with this man every time!”


American Idol,

Lauren Mink Band


“Carson values music and the creative process more than any other musician I've worked with in my 10+ years of playing. He's timely, prepared, and humble; qualities often not associated with players of his talent. Altogether, Carson makes playing music fun and rewarding. I'd recommend him for any live or session opportunity.”


Worship Leader,

Solo Artist