Why Did I Sign Up For This Again?

This summer I've had the pleasure to work with my friend Abby Hamilton for her first record release. But what had supposed to have been a quick and easy project turned in to months of labor marked by unexpected life change. Amongst the chaos of life in the past few months, it was easy to think "why did I even sign up for this?" but now, in the final stages, I remember.

This has been the first project I have ever completely produced/arranged/tracked/mixed/mastered as well as played on. I've never worked from the ground up all the way to completion. And to be honest, I've never put this much effort into a project at all. Fortunately, the results have exceeded my expectations and provided a really great learning opportunity. 

This project has come together so nicely, and with exactly the old school vibes we set out to achieve. There's a lot of classic country flavors here. Because of that, we opted to go with no drum sampling, no timing correction, and no pitch correction. We also did many one takes through songs. Going without these modern music production staples would not have been possible without a FANTASTIC set of musicians!

It's at the end that I get excited about music again. Getting to wrap it all together and finally seeing what we've made. It's been such a blast working with all my friends! And a huge honor for them to lend their talents.  

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Abby Hamilton, Ryan McQuerry, John Hatfield, Daniel Lycan, Zac Hamilton, J. Tom Hnatow, Austin Vitucci, Madelyn Baier, Kelsey Ferrell, and Jonathan McKeown. 


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